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Superior Powdercoating, Sandblasting, and Pre-Preparation Services! 

The most knowledgeable and experienced powder coating specialists in Florida agree that the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction always comes from powder coating projects with an emphasis on sandblasting and pre-preparation. That’s why you can always rely on the dedicated powder coating professionals at JAS Powder Coating for the finest, and most comprehensive, sandblasting, pre-preparation, and powder coating services in South Florida and Central Florida! Contact us today to discover how we can help you transform your unique project into a beautiful, functional, and durable work of art for your home or business!

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Powder Coating Service

Quality From Start to ‘Finish!’

In terms of its versatility, durability, and incredibly diverse selection of captivating styles and colors, powder coating has evolved into the most popular, versatile, stylish, colorful, and durable alternatives to painted metal surfaces available today.


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Sandblasting Service

It’s a Real ‘Blast!’

At JAS Powder Coating, the first step in the finishing process is media blasting or abrasive blasting, more commonly known as ‘sandblasting.’ This essential process smooths, shapes, and cleans hard surfaces by propelling a stream of solid particles and or abrasive materials such as steel grit, glass beads, acrylic, and fine sand across them at high speeds. The scuffing then cleans any contaminants or imperfections on the surface, such as old paint, rust, grime, and oil.

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Pre-Preparation Pays!

Before the powder coating process is applied, every single surface to be powder coated undergoes a comprehensive surface preparation and pre-treatment process to ensure the best possible look, color, and finish of your finished product. The importance of the pre-preparation process cannot be overstated, as ignoring it is directly responsible for unsightly pimpling, bubbling, chipping, and fading!

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