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In terms of its versatility, durability, and incredibly diverse selection of eye-popping styles and colors, powder coating has evolved into one of the most popular, versatile, stylish, colorful, and durable alternatives to today’s painted metal surfaces. If you are in the South or Central Florida area, JAS Powder Coating is the company to contact. 

The Powder-Coating Process


According to Wikipedia, powder coating is a method of dry-finishing a surface utilizing a dry resin powder that is positively charged and applied utilizing an electrostatic spray. The powder then clings to the metal surface, which features the opposing charge, to create a highly-resistant coating. The surface is then heated to melt and bond the powder, completing the coating.

The Bigger, the Better! In South or Central Florida, We’re #1!


While most of our competitors run a single oven, JAS Powder Coating runs two huge ovens! At 30′ X 11′ X 8′, they are the largest ovens in South Florida and are capable of running simultaneously. All of the leading-edge equipment and technology we utilize for surface preparation, pre-treatment, painting, and powder coating is new and of the highest quality, including Gema spray-coating guns, Sherwin-Williams applicators, and chemical products used in pre-treatment from Calvary Industries.

Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coating is superior to painting in so many different ways, which is a big part of the reason for its widespread popularity. Powder coating offers a wide array of value-added benefits over painted surfaces, including:

  • Unprecedented variety of textures and vivid colors.
  • Durable, longer-lasting finish.
  • Greater eye appeal; gives surfaces a thick, vibrant look.
  • More cost-effective than painting.
  • Holds up better against physical contact and corrosion.
  • Doesn’t fade easily under UV light.
  • Environmentally-friendly and virtually pollution-free.
  • Ideal for commercial and residential applications.


Whereas other forms of finishing, such as spray painting, releases harmful chemicals into the air, powder coating contains no volatile compounds, making it safe for use on metal surfaces. All waste collected from the application is safely disposed of and breaks down naturally, causing no additional impact to the earth or air. 

Your Powder Coating Connection!


When it comes to powder coating small-, medium-, or large-sized projects, we believe there is simply no substitute for utilizing the latest technology, top-quality equipment, and premium products. We wouldn’t have it any other way, and when you see the quality of the work we do for you, you wouldn’t, either!

Something Beautiful is Waiting for You!


We invite you to contact us today to discover how JAS’ Powder Coating services can help bring your unique vision to life…and turn a project that looks good when painted into one that looks beautiful when powder coated! You’ll be glad you did!

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