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Are you frustrated by South and Central Florida powder coating and sandblasting ‘specialists’ whose work is anything but the ‘high-quality’ you were promised? Are you tired of dealing with powder coating companies in South Florida that are apathetic, ignore pre-treating your project, and suffer from an utter lack of professionalism and customer service? Are honesty, integrity, fast turnaround times, and meeting deadlines important to you when selecting sandblasting and powder coating services in South and Central Florida? Are you looking for Florida powder coating companies that can handle larger-sized pieces and high-capacity jobs?

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Now, you can have it all!

Welcome to JAS Powder Coating

JAS Powder Coating is the #1 provider of high-quality powder coating services in Central and South Florida since 2011. We’ll work closely with you to bring your unique vision to life, provide you with the level of service and customer care you expect and deserve, and produce customized, high-quality projects!


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Why Choose JAS Powder Coating?

As South & Central Florida’s most trusted and reliable name in powder coating and sandblasting services, we understand how important your project is to you…and want you to understand how important your complete satisfaction is to us! Here’s why:


Quality Has No Substitute!

NOBODY takes more pride in their work than JAS! Our highly knowledgeable team of powder coating, sandblasting, and designing experts possess over 50 years of combined experience, have been with the company for years, and are dedicated to delivering the highest quality powder coating and sandblasting services in Florida. Our customers rely on us for the level of quality we provide, and that’s something you can always count on, too!


Attention To Detail!

At JAS, ensuring the unique, specialized needs of each individual customer are met is our highest priority, regardless of the size and scope of the project at hand. From the preparation of your project to your most detailed requirements, you can rely on the JAS team to work closely with you throughout every step of the preparation, sandblasting, and powder coating processes to ensure your project is completed to your exact specifications…and ultimate satisfaction!


Honesty and Integrity!

Although JAS is renowned for the quality of our work, we are perhaps best known for the optimum level of honesty, integrity, and customer care that goes into each project! This includes working on fixing any flaws that occur, including pimples, bubbles, chipping, light spots, etc., regardless of how painstakingly careful we are during the preparation process. Our quality-control guidelines are the toughest in the industry, and we’ll redo ANYTHING if a customer isn’t completely happy. No exceptions!

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Our Projects

The Art of Powder Coating

Here at JAS Powder Coating, we’ve turned the entire powder coating process into an art form, thereby enabling us to produce exquisite works that are as uniquely beautiful as they are durable and long-lasting. As you can see, there are no limits to what we can create together, only possibilities!

Contact us today to discover how fast, simple, and easy it can be to bring your unique vision and project to life…all in a wide array of desirable, eye-popping colors, styles, and textures. You’ll be glad you did!

JAS Powder Coating Our Projects Yellow 305 Brightline Station Miami (800 × 500 px)

Brightline Station Miami

JAS Powder Coating Our Projects Pembroke Gardens Outdoor Mall (800 × 500 px)

Pembroke Gardens Mall

JAS Powder Coating Our Projects Green Awning (800 × 500 px)


JAS Powder Coating Our Projects Security Fence (800 × 500 px)

Custom Metal Fence


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The services and friendliness of JAS Powdercoating are unmatched.

As a business owner that requires a lot of powder coating, I have tried many companies to suit my needs. The services and friendliness of JAS are unmatched. Their services are superior both in price and quality of their work. The staff, including the manager Sam, creates an environment that keeps me coming back. They are friendly, accommodating, and quick to notify me when my order is ready. JAS Powder Coating is the best!

Keith Parnas


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We rely on JAS Powder coating for all our powdered coating painting needs!

Our customers are very demanding and in order to keep up with quality work, the fabrication and paintwork have to be spot on. That’s why we rely on JAS Powder coating for all our painting needs. From customer service to painters, their professionalism and amazing staff are the best from our experience. Mike Anschuetz


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JAS  has maintained the famous US work ethic! 

JAS Powder Coating has done an excellent job powder coating Miami Awning products since 2015 or before. While we have multiple powder coating companies near us in Miami, the quality provided by JAS has been superior to all of them. We found it worth it to our clients to deliver our heavy-duty frames to Fort Lauderdale for their quality work. The workers at JAS are diligent in helping unload and reload our trucks and trailers. JAS  has maintained the famous US work ethic and always does extra to make it their product and service the Best. 

Bob VanDyk


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JAS Powder Coating Forklift Trans (900 × 500 px)