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Preparation Pays!


Before the powder coating process is applied, every single surface to be powder coated undergoes a comprehensive surface preparation and pre-treatment process to ensure the best possible look, color, and finish of your finished product. The importance of the pre-preparation process cannot be overstated, as ignoring it is directly responsible for unsightly pimpling, bubbling, chipping, and fading!

Essential Pre-Treatment


Our two-step powder coating preparation process begins with sandblasting, followed by pre-treatment. Despite being the most critical preparation processes here at JAS Powder Coating, our competitors often overlook them. In our thorough pre-treatment process, everything is washed with a strong degreaser that removes oil and dirt on the surface of the metal, and acid is then applied to open the pores of the metal. This enables the powder to become a part of the metal, thereby eliminating the possibility of subsequent peeling, chipping, or delamination; the telltale signs of a poor pre-treatment process…or none-at-all!

Powder Coating Perfection!

Early on, we realized exactly how vital the media blasting, sandblasting, and pre-treatment processes were to the entire powder coating process… mainly due to the significant number of projects we’ve been asked to correct as a result of competitors who performed little, if any, media blasting, sandblasting, or pre-treatment prior to powder coating. We pay extremely close attention to the smallest of details, and our media blasting, sandblasting, and pre-treatment processes are among the most comprehensive and stringent in the industry. That’s why you can always rely on JAS Powder Coating to turn out consistently high-quality, durable, and long-lasting products.

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